Seán Geer
Theme: Afro Futurism / Space
Title: “Grow”
Instagram: @seangeerart
Twitter: @iamseangeer
Name: Edward Rhea Hemphill
Selected Issues: Climate Justice/Environmental Issues
Title: To This Earth
Twitter: @iameddierhea
NAME: Sandra Khalifa
INSTAGRAM: @sandra_nadine
TWITTER: @snkhalifa
Name: Ethan Parker
Issue: Trans Community
Title: Self-Made
Instagram: @YoungPrick
Twitter: @bethanycantdraw
Name: Alyssa Etoile Theme: Black Children & Youth. Title: The Education of Black Self Love Tumblr: Twitter: @alyssaetoile Instagram: @alyssa_etoile

Name: Alixa Garcia
Issue: Global Perspectives
Title: Inextricable
Instagram: @climbingpoetree
Twitter: @climbingpoetree

Name: Ryan Spence | Planet Lucid
Issue: Black Aging & Elders
Title:  Major Key To Success: Protect The Elders
tumblr –
instagram – @planetlucid
twitter – @planetlucid

Date: 2/9/16
Issue: Immigration
Name: Nancy Cepero Dominico

Name: Alyssa Etoile
Theme: Voter Rights / Voter Suppression


Name: Damon Davis
Theme: Education, school to prison pipleine

Name: Naima Penniman
Theme: Black Women (Trans / Cis / Masculine, etc)

Names: Tanya & Foremost
Theme: Black Love / Black Friendship

Name: Awuradwoa Afful
Theme: Incarcerated/ Formerly incarcerated

Name: Edward Hemphill

Name: Kendrick Daye
Theme: Political Prisoners

Name: Ashley Yates
Theme: LGBTQ

Name: Tiffany Jones
Theme: Domestic Violence/Survivors

Name: Gabriel Bernard
Theme: Food and Farming

Name: Sharee Miller
Theme: Body Positivity

Name: Odera Igbokwe
Theme: Faith Community

Name: Sandra Khalifa
Theme: Employment + Housing