The specifics: This is a sound piece, so we want to hear your voices. Personally record your 1-2 minute long vision, using your telephone, a mic, or any other device that captures audio. Start the recording by stating your name, preferred gender pronoun, racial identity, and the city/state/country in which you reside. Then respond to the following prompt: “In a world where Black Lives Matter, I Imagine…” You can respond in your language of preference.

Amongst the constant attacks against our people, and the repeated images of black death, torture, poverty, abuse and pain, help us imagine something new.

In Freedom Dreams, scholar and writer Robin D.G. Kelley says, ‘[I]t has been the poets – no matter the medium – who have succeeded in…rendering the kinds of dreams and futures social movements are capable of producing.’

Black Lives Matter wants you to help us imagine a future where black folks are seen as the powerful, beautiful, brilliant, talented, innovative, resourceful, creative folks that we are. We want to know your vision for the future. What are your dreams? What do you imagine for yourself, for your family, friends, neighbors and loved ones. Is it having land and a home to call your own? Is it building communities where police are not present? Is it envisioning a future where your gender isn’t assumed, or confined? Maybe you already live in this ideal world in your home, with your friends, and with your family, and you want to expand it beyond your front door. Tell us about those moments. What does the future hold for you in a world where black life is valued by everyone, our rights are upheld, and the beauty and power that is your blackness is acknowledged. We want to live in your wildest dreams.

We’re asking black folks around the world to help us create this vision together, and we’re collecting audio responses to the following prompt: “In a world where Black Lives Matter, I imagine…” Try to speak in the positive, about what you want to see rather than what you don’t want to see. Help us paint the picture. Be as specific as possible.

We are black and beautiful. We are powerful. Share with us a lived experience, a moment, a thought, or a vision, in which you felt that the beauty, strength, resilience and power of blackness was at the center of that moment or vision.